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яка використовує инноваційні методи для вирішення різноманітних завдань.

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Demo Image

Unique Navbar

Nite features an optional fixed navbar and in addition, you have the option to animate it on a scroll event. This theme prodivies a centered logo position between the menu items.


Demo Image

Flexible Positions

Nearly all theme position renderings can simply be customized in the Warp UI. You can choose from 5 background colors and 3 different paddings which makes the theme very versatile.


Demo Image

Fullscreen area

Nite also comes with another modern theme feature. We've included the option to add a fullscreen position where you can publish eye-catching content which adapts perfectly to your browser window size.


Demo Image

Dark & Light Styles

To give you the opportunity to start with a suitable look for your next website, UIkit provides 8 modern and clean prebuilt style variations: 4 dark, 2 business light and 2 fancy pale styles.


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